Victor Saunier

PhD student at Paris 13 - saunier (?)

Hello! I'm Victor Saunier, currently pursing a PhD in the Algebraic Topology team of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, under the supervision of Yonatan Harpaz. I am a part of his 5-year ERC project on Foundations of Motivic Real K-theory and my interests span all things K-theory, with a distinct taste for higher categorical ideas. The goal of my thesis is to bring the celebrated Dundas-Goodwillie-McCarthy theorem to the context of stable ∞-categories and provide a proof for it which is purely ∞-categorical in its flavour.

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LAGA's algebraic topology team seminar
LAGA's baby seminar
During the year 2022-2023, and due to the growing complexity of being a young PhD/researcher in a domain as vast as Algebraic Topology/Homotopy Theory, I will organize a small seminar aimed at PhD/young postdocs to present (very) classical material. The first sessions will aim at giving everyone enough background to attend the "grown-up" seminar on the Chromatic Nullstellensatz. The provisional program is the following:

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Geoffroy Horel's M2 course
The TDs are held on Wednesday from 13h45 to 15h45, in Halles aux Farines (salle 475F). You can find below the Worksheets, which will be updated as